Saturday, July 18, 2009

40th Class Reunion

Wow!!! Last night I went to my 40th Class Reunion from High School. It was really fun. Many of us went to school together from elementary school to high school. When you think about it - that means I've known them most of my life. We were all stumbling along trying to remember faces and names. We would ask each other - did we have a class together or do I know you or I don't remember you. Also, the group of us that went to elementary school together - remembered. It was fun.

Do you know, I probably wouldn't have gone to my class reunion except that one of my friends from elementary school was coming back to the area after 38 years. We hadn't been in touch but I remembered. In school I was always shy and I didn't really belong to any clicks. I always thought that nobody knew me. This reunion changed that and I am really glad. We are all somebody and we are remembered. One of my friends said you know - "we did all get older."

So those who don't know if they want to go to the class reunion or to go see an old friend. Don't be afraid nothing stays the same and 'we [do] all get older' despite our wishes not too. Enjoy life - Life is too short and God put us here to live.

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