Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This week's question from the Createcrochet Team : What is my most cherished handmade possession

What is my most cherished handmade possession? That is a difficult question for me since there was creative talent throughout the family.

My maternal Grandma was always crocheting something. I have doilies and pillowcases that she made. She even crocheted a lampshade. That is really nice.

My paternal Grandma knitted and crocheted. She crocheted a fushia sweater for me when I was in my pre-teens. Yes I still have it.

My Dad did many crafts. He made ceramics, jewelry, sewed, woodwork. I guess my favorite from his many crafts is a cameo necklace, and a jade necklace, earrings and ring set that he had designed for my mother and I. Matching sets.

My Mom crocheted, embroidered, and sewed. I have many of the pillowcases that she embroidered and then trimmed with crocheted lace.

My aunt made me a porcelain doll. She painted the doll's head and hands. Then put the doll together and made clothes for the doll. It was really special since it was the last thing she made for me before she passed. I will always cherish it.

As you can see I have many handmade cherished items. The most cherished thing of all is that each were made by hand by a loved one. Each item was made with love.

Remember when you see a handmade item, someone made it with their own hands and they made it with love.